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Solution Provider

Cyberium Converged Solutions’ advisory service, helps boards and their businesses understand and tackle cyber risks and opportunities cost-effectively and with minimum disruption to the business.

Our cyber security strategy & improvement plan provides a clear understanding of an organisation’s exposure to a cyber-attack, and the impact it would have on your business. 

Security Experts

Our great team of security experts will help you minimise risk


Understand the cyberattack exposure in your organisation.

Your Cybersecurity Solution Provider
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Cyberium Convergence Solutions
Provides World Class Support

We’re true experts who understand risk reduction priorities and technologies.
Vendor Agnostic
We recommend solutions that match your unique needs and environments.
Cost Effective
We offer affordable solutions for small, medium and enterprise.
Customer Service
We deliver prompt solutions to complex problems.
of Cyber-Attacks

are caused by human error. From using easy to break passwords, leaving laptops and computers unsafe to failing to update of apply patches to software.

Mobile Devices as Attack Vectors

of fraudulent transactions happen through mobile channels.  

Mobile devices are popular attack vectors for cybercriminals.

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Cyberium offers
Cybersecurity Solutions

Security Advisory

Cyberium Converged Solution provides a clear understanding of an organisation’s exposure to cyberattacks, and the impact it would have on your business.

Cyber threat protection

Cyberium Converged Solutions' security experts will assess your cyber risk and outline strategies for threat minimisation and protection.

Security Awareness Training

Our security awareness training ensures we help you prevent and mitigate user risk within your organisation.

Data protection

We work with your team to help secure and protect sensitive business data. Your organisation must maintain data integrity.

Security Program & Policy Development

Get a holistic security program and company-wide policies to meet compliance standards. We create sustainable roadmaps that work.

Backup and disaster recovery planning

We design and test disaster recovery strategies that gets your business operating as quickly as possible in the event of an incident.

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We are your solution to modern security challenges

Cyberium Converged Solutions provides fast, most cost effective way to improve your security stack. Gain a new layer of breach protection in minutes, with internet-wide visibility on and off your network, no matter your company size.